What solutions does Camelot give?

Author : g.lyshetti  -   Date : 27 Jun 2018   -   Catagories : Alternative to renting

Camelot is helping landlords and property developers with managing their property. But how do we do that?

Security Services
Security Services2

Camelot is helping landlords and property developers with managing their property. But how do we do that?

We have been the Vacant Property Operators since 1993, established in Netherland and spread across the country. We have different kinds of properties which we guard. Having understood the problem of a vacant property- we ventured out to find the solution that benefits our clients and our guardians. 

What two problems are we trying to reduce? 

1- The risk associated with an empty property

2- The high living costs for ordinary people. Security vs Luxury.

Security Solutions

The risk associated with an empty property

Camelot is helping the landlord and property developers in a couple ways to avoid vandalism and squatters. They can licence out the vacant properties with a license to guardians. This means that when they licence the property, there is no minimum or maximum amount of time for the occupation period. The guardians who licence these places are mostly students or people who are looking for a cheap place to stay for a short period of time. 

This concept of securing is called guarding by occupation. The building is seen as a living and breathing building with constant interactions which deters unwanted problems. Problems can occur such as Vandalism, Metal theft, Arson, Squatters. You can find more on by checking the Property Management page.

We secure building terrains and properties by using other methods then a guardian. Camelot provides multiple security and camera systems. Sometimes we even use a guardian and a security system, it all depends on what the owner wants.


The high living costs for ordinary people. Security vs Luxury.

With licencing the properties to guardians, we are taking all the aspects on us. This means that we make up the contracts, we talk to the guardians and meet them before they move in, so the owner of the property does not have to do that. Guardians have licence fee rights which are limited and different from tenants, this is explained in our next blog 'Tenancy vs Licence Fee'. As all real estates would do, we carefully vet our guardians for the safety of each other as well as the capability to look after the building. 

Old offices that are not worth anything anymore to the company can often be licence ed out to starting entrepreneurs. The young entrepreneurs often have more value for the location of the property than about the property itself. Licence ing out the offices is in the same license base as licence ing out other properties.

With all these solutions we also help to save costs. By choosing Camelot to manage and secure the property the owners can save up to £70,000 per building per year. This is because the owners don’t have to hire an expensive security guard, they have lower insurance premiums when the property is occupied and much more.

Security Services

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