Site Security: Last phase to the demolition

Author : g.lyshetti  -   Date : 9 Jan 2019   -   Catagories : Construction Site Security

3 options to secure your site!  Site security is an important factor for property owners, construction and landowners. Is your property profile on the list to be demolished? Until the time is there, there are multiple options to safeguard your vacant property. Here are three options;​


Site Security: Why this is so important?

There are a number of Site security rules relating to safety, health, the environment and neighbourhood when deciding to demolish your property. The national Government has clear rules and preconditions to use necessary safeguards to ensure safety is being achieved. The demolition of a (part of the) building does not happen overnight but has a long-awaited process which requires good planning and preparation. Before you can consider a number of options to ensure the safety of the property. In this blog we put three options in a row:

  • Temporary habitation
  • Security through an alarm case
  • Closing a property with wooden planks


Option one. Temporarily habitation:

Temporarily habitation is a good first possibility if the status of the property is suitable for living. This solution is dependent on the length of the project.  You can place temporary Guardians to safeguard the property surrounds and maintain a living ab breathing property. 

The benefits of a temporary habitation

Choosing for a temporary occupation of a vacant property has many advantages. Camelot always aims to deliver a occupancy of 100%.  By placing temporary guardians in a vacant property there will be a form of social control for example squatting or vandalism. The advantage of a temporary guardian compared to regular rent is also significant. Think of the following benefits:
✅ There is a short notice period
✅ There a no tenancy rights built up
✅ There are regularly property control and inspections 

✅ There is an immediate eviction on detection of a violation
✅ There are legally tested, waterproof contracts since 1993.


Option 2. Security through alarm cases

If the property is uninhabitable because there is no hot water and/or electricity, then setting off alarm cases is a good option. The great advantage of alarm cases is that they are mobile, they can be placed anywhere in the property.

Option 3. Boarding: the closing of windows and doors.

By boarding, you prevent squatters and vandals to enter the property. This last option is the cheapest and simple option. The wooden partitions give a very clear message: there is nothing more to take away. Boarding can also be used in combination with option 2 (alarm cases).

With our 25 years of international experience and partnership with our EU control centre, we have helped many construction sites and other buildings safeguard their tools, schedules and reputation. 
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Want to know more? We have a whitepaper which discusses different security methods and explains the pros and cons of manned guards, camera towers, CCTV and void alarms.

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