Fast Deployable Mobile CCTV Tower

Camelot offers a state of the art camera Mobile CCTV Tower for security at construction sites and vacant properties. As a specialist in the temporary and vacant site security, Camelot has invented a Mobile CCTV Tower that can protect against the risks associated with a vacant property/premises or site. With more than 25 years of experience in securing vacant buildings, we have become specialists in different countries such as Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

With the Camelot watchtower, we have the advantage to real-time monitor your site 24/7 and take your safety compliance to the next level. Rent our Mobile CCTV Tower to secure your site today! 


Why is there a need for a High Tech Mobile CCTV Tower?

Construction sites or vacant properties that are not protected fall prey to theft, burglary and more. Each year the statistics of theft and loss have increased due to inadequate protection and resulting in  Millions lost for the owner. With our cost-effective smart Camelot Watchtower solution, you reduce the chance to become a victim to these statistics.

We have carefully crafted our high tech Mobile Camera tower to include all components like a 360 pan-tilt camera with visuals of over 20,000m² and an inbuilt audio speaker to deter intruders via voice communication. With the robust built structure, it is impossible to destroy- making our camelot watchtowers to be the ultimate weapon against theft at construction sites. 

Due to this robust solution packed with high tech features, the Camelot watch tower can operate as a Stand-alone security measure, although the more the cheaper and more secured your site will be.

Just to show you what the process of our mobile CCTV tower is, we have included one of our case study videos from the Netherland.

Statistical Analysis

The police have highlighted that ‘building and construction sites are perfect targets for criminals’. With over 800 Million spend each year in recovering tools that were stolen or replacement costs, the police have warned that security is often ‘weak’ especially when work has finished for the day and the site becomes vacant.This can be avoided if you had a mobile cctv tower, which acts as a deterent for theft.

>Pay 800 Million a Year

Each year on a construction site the replacement cost for theft of metal, pipes or machinery adds up to 800 Million within in the construction site.

>Mobile Camera tower? 

It means we can move the watchtower wherever you want to with a crane, and we can reconfigure it remotely. No need for a long waiting time for staff to secure the new perimeter- its all done virtually!

>Pay double for trouble

SIA certified Security Guards are one of the many ways that have traditionally been used to secure such sites, whereby

>Insurance Policy is a Must

In order to gain an insurance policy, an effective security plan must be displayed to show all the necessary steps are taken to protect the site and the expensive equipment’s left overnight at the site. Using a mobile CCTV tower, monitored 24/7 with an intruder intervention plan active, could be a way to speed up the process of approval.

 You can see the common risks associated without adequate site security or video surveillance, by reading the article ‘Crime in the construction industry’ by the Chartered Institute of Building.

So what is so special about our Camelot Site Security towers? 

  • Specialised Dark Fighter for an excellent night view camera to see in the dark.
  • Broadcast Audio to warn intruders through voice communication.
  • Lowest price in the market.
  • Software-based tracking and Alarm Activation
  • Be Live in 2 hours’ time with our easy plug and stream installation method.
  • Smart self-tracking intruder Camera
  • A Mobile CCTV Tower is flexible to be redeployed by a crane and can secure another parameter if needed. 

Want to find out more? Check out our Specification ( linked to a download page for watchtowers)

Proud to be the lowest!

With our Unbeatable fast deployable Mobile CCTV Tower, we can truly be charge peanuts. Why? Since Camelot has been building its own towers and distributing high tech security to across countries, we are by far cheaper than a company who outsources their Rapid Deployment Mobile CCTV Tower.

Call us ‘Speedy Gonzales’

Our Camelot CCTV cameras can be installed within 2 hours’. Order today, delivered tomorrow!

We remotely configure your account whilst our Mobile CCTV Tower is on its way to secure your site and whilst your speaking with our Security specialist, our Camera towers are positioned, set up and monitored before you can say ‘Bye’. It’s really that simple!

Better than the rest!

We understand the busy working environment of a construction site and therefore if our Mobile CCTV Tower must be moved to a different location – consider it done! All you have to do is move our towers using a crane to the perfect location where you want to have 360-degree protection, then let your Security specialist know and he will remotely reconfigure your system again.

Application Use Cases;

  • Site supervision
  • Construction site video surveillance
  • Vacant Building Management
  • Site Management
  • Construction site safety
  • Mobile CCTV 
  • mobile video surveillance
  • Fleet and parking lot surveillance
  • event monitoring
  • Monitoring of solar and wind farms

Did you know?

We have directly connected our Camera in the Netherlands and Germany to the police control centre, who will be alarmed instantly if an intruder enters the guarded premises. Our HD quality image and video capture can help the police arrest the thieve quicker and more efficiently!


Our vacant property services provide clients with peace of mind that their building is secure and maintaining value

To find out more contact one of our vacant property specialists today