Wireless CCTV

The Camelot Europe Wireless CCTV Tower is a market leading rapidly deployed CCTV System specifically design for vacant property, infrastructure and construction sites. It combines 7m of military grade metal work with the very latest technology and has been designed as a frontline security solution.

During a live incident an intruder will be engaged by one our operators who will firstly issue a live audio challenge and then, if needed, request a police priority response from the emergency services.

Key Features:

  • The robust, impenetrable casing securely houses powers units, DVRs and all the components that make our tower a standalone solution.
  • On top of the 7m tower there is a High Definition PTZ camera that comes with inbuilt infra-red to allow HD quality footage day and night.
  • We provide a range of static camera’s and detectors that can be added to the Tower to ensure that whatever the footprint of the site that all risk areas are monitored and protected.
  • The on-board battery packs ensure that the tower continues to function in the event of a power cut. Our new V-cube can power the tower for up to 28 days..
  • The wireless system uses 4G technology to transfer data allowing faster transmission to our ACS registered monitoring station and emergency services during a live incident.
  • The tower is a mobile unit and can therefore be repositioned quickly and easily. Free quarterly re-deployments are included in all contracts.
  • The system is smartphone enabled allowing for remote viewing by iPhone and Android. You are also able to view your site by Laptop, from anywhere in the world

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