Protect your vacant property with an Electronic Security solution

We have vast experience installing, maintaining and monitoring electronic security systems whether it be:

  • Mobile CCTV Camera Tower.
  • VOID alarms suitcases fitted with high tech gadgets
  • 24/7 EU control monitoring centre
  • Integrated systems combining all element.
  • Intruder Alert Process with each of our solution.

Electronic security systems are easy to install, low cost and effective used both in conjunction with or independently from Property Guardians.

Why choose Electronic Security?

Choosing electronic security offers a lot of different advantages for you. The main reason is obviously that it is a solution to secure your property. This is very crucial for any property or construction site otherwise, it will most likely get damaged, squatted or vandalised. The main advantages are:

  • Increased deterrent to potential thieves and trespassers.
  • Record vandalism enabling law enforcement in prosecuting criminals.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Cost effective.
  • Permanent 24-hour security.
  • Reliable in any weather, condition or circumstances

Statistical Analysis

The police have highlighted that ‘building and construction sites are perfect targets for criminals’. With over 800 Million spend each year in recovering tools that were stolen or replacement costs, the police have warned that security is often ‘weak’ especially when work has finished for the day and the site becomes vacant. This can be avoided if you had a mobile CCTV tower, which acts as a deterrent for theft.

>Pay 800 Million a Year

Each year on a construction site the replacement cost for theft of metal, pipes or machinery adds up to 800 Million within in the construction site.

>Mobile Camera tower? 

It means we can move the watchtower wherever you want to with a crane, and we can reconfigure it remotely. No need for a long waiting time for staff to secure the new perimeter- its all done virtually!

>Pay double for trouble

SIA certified Security Guards are one of the many ways that have traditionally been used to secure such sites, whereby

>Insurance Policy is a Must

In order to gain an insurance policy, an effective security plan must be displayed to show all the necessary steps are taken to protect the site and the expensive equipment’s left overnight at the site. Using a mobile CCTV tower, monitored 24/7 with an intruder intervention plan active, could be a way to speed up the process of approval.

 You can see the common risks associated without adequate site security or video surveillance, by reading the article ‘Crime in the construction industry’ by the Chartered Institute of Building.

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    Why Camelot Security Services?

    • Market leader in vacant property security services
    • No cure no pay solutions for vacant property
    • Lowest Market Cost for electronic high tech reliable security solutions. 
    • Remotely accessible monitoring 
    • Over 20+ years of experience in securing vacant premises/sites.
    • Offering state of the art technology and a combination of different services for bespoke needs. 


    Our vacant property services provide clients with peace of mind that their building is secure and maintaining value

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