Darker and colder nights can mean ‘easy pickings’ for criminals. Hence the Police have warned to integrate a complete security system to deter criminals.

1. Motion detector

The complete security system comes with a smart video system, which makes detection possible in certain areas and for objects with a predetermined size. For example, the camera automatically differentiates between a bird flying across the image or a human being.

Did you know?

You can also choose the precise area where the camera should detect and where it shouldn't. If, for example, the image includes a public road, it is useful if detection doesn’t apply to that area.
The two cameras on the CCTV tower can automatically zoom in 200 metres, which means intruders are immediately in close-up when detected. This has huge advantages for both prosecution and insurance matters. The invisible Infra-red LEDs make sure the terrain receives additional lighting up to 200 metres.

2. Detection range & quality

The red box in the picture above highlights the detection range of our cameras in depth and width. The two cameras on the CCTV tower are dome cameras that see a full 360 degrees. These cameras make it possible to supervise a very large area, which is a cost-effective complete security system to use.

Another advantage of flexible dome cameras is that they are very useful for an alarm room in order to follow the intruder from it. The image quality or
the so-called detection is up to 80 metres per camera, which means it is possible to make intelligent analyses of the images.

4. Lighting

The day & night cameras in the CCTV tower, or the ‘Darkfighter cameras’, produce bright images even with little light. Detection in the dark is almost the same as detection in the light. Thanks to the fact that light is not necessary, the intruder also doesn’t know how far the camera can detect. This means the ideal ‘path’ is not visible to the intruder, and they will be quicker to give up an attempted theft. 

5. Use of images

The images are sent via 4G. As soon as an incident takes place on site, the control centre is already watching. If necessary, they can zoom in.

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