In need of a compact smart solution that can secure your vacant property or offer an affordable site security solution? With the Camelot Wireless Security case, not only will it deter intruders with a sounding alarm but with a total of 9 motion sensors to detect activity and an image capture, this device is your all in one solution.

Clever Placement

Our Security specialists know where to place the wireless security devices around vulnerable areas in the event of an intruder alarm detection. We will secure important gateways where the intruders are likely to break in from and hide the suitcase to prevent disabling the sounding alarm.

Intruder Prevention Process

As soon as there is an unusual activity detected by the Wireless Security case, an alert signal is sent to the 24/7 monitored EU control centre, who will start the process of sending a mobile officer to the site. This Wireless security solution allows for cost-effective peace of mind, as Camelot take onboard the monitoring, intruder call outs and deals with risk associated with a empty property or site.

Easy to Camouflage

Our Wireless Security case can be easily fitted into any building, shape or size.

Lowest market price*

Building technology in-house always gives us the margin above competitors. We understand having an empty property or site is not a cost efficient matter and adding to this bill- just isn’t fair!  So we are offering the lowest marketing price for our high tech wireless security case!

*Remember to compare an apple with apple. We do not do price comparison with static camera fixtures or anything that is not similar to our specifications, to further clarify please email

The Camelot Wireless Security is ideal for

  • short-term use
  • Uninhabitable buildings and only partly inhabitable buildings
  • End phases of demolition or renovation projects
  • External construction sites or partial construction sites
  • Monitoring of construction containers
  • Monitoring of shell buildings
  • Risks of vandalism, burglary and theft
  • return postponement

Your advantages

  • Alarm on burglary, water damage and fire
  • Lower cost than security and 24-hour security
  • Captures different building areas via wireless detectors
  • Fast to use, usually within 24 hours

For a building with a lot of open fields or spaces, the Camelot CCTV Tower would be recommended.

Camelot Wireless Security case- The Benefits:

  • Monitors vulnerable buildings and sites
  • Affordable and effective and installed in less than 5 minutes
  • Entirely stand-alone with internal battery packs that self-power for up to 5 years
  • Completely wireless and remotely monitored alarm system
  • Instantly detects intruders, flooding and fire
  • Protects your insurance
  • Starting at £126 per week

For more information about Camelot’s VOID Alarm solutions or to arrange a Free Site Risk Assessment, please contact one of our vacant property specialists today.

Our vacant property services provide clients with peace of mind that their building is secure and maintaining value

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