• Site supervision
  • Construction site video surveillance
  • Vacant Building Management
  • Site Management
  • Construction site safety
  • Mobile CCTV 
  • mobile video surveillance
  • Fleet and parking lot surveillance
  • event monitoring
  • Monitoring of solar and wind farms


Proud to be the lowest!

With our Unbeatable fast deployable Mobile CCTV Tower, we can truly be charge peanuts. Why? Since Camelot has been building its own towers and distributing high tech security to across countries, we are by far cheaper than a company who outsources their Rapid Deployment Mobile CCTV Tower.

Call us ‘Speedy Gonzales’

Our Camelot CCTV cameras can be installed within 2 hours’. Order today, delivered tomorrow!

We remotely configure your account whilst our Mobile CCTV Tower is on its way to secure your site and whilst your speaking with our Security specialist, our Camera towers are positioned, set up and monitored before you can say ‘Bye’. It’s really that simple!

Better than the rest!

We understand the busy working environment of a construction site and therefore if our Mobile CCTV Tower must be moved to a different location – consider it done! All you have to do is move our towers using a crane to the perfect location where you want to have 360-degree protection, then let your Security specialist know and he will remotely reconfigure your system again.


How is the CCTV tower different from the rest?

The CCTV tower has wider applications than most mobile camera units of other makes. This is due to the tried and tested technology used. The CCTV tower has not only a preventative effect, it quickly and reliably detects, but it also creates sharp night and day images, someone is actually watching LIVE, and the response to an alarm is immediate! See an image fragment from the cameras during the night below.


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