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With our Security solutions, you can spend the holidays stress and worry free whilst our Camera Towers become your eyes and ears. We offer state-of-art high tech security hardware at the lowest market price, hence creating the highest possible economical value to secure your site!

Your Benefits;

  • 24/7 EU Monitoring centre, we will safeguard your premises even in your sleep! Not only that but we have an intruder intervention process set up in the event of an alert.
  • Order Process the same day, ready for delivery the next day!.
  • Specialised Dark Fighter for excellent night view camera to see in the dark.
  • Broadcast Audio to warn intruders through voice communication
  • Be Live in 2 hours’ time with our easy plug and stream installation methods.
  • Software-based tracking and Alarm Activation

And so much more...!

We are now offering the following discount to help you secure your premises; 10% OFF Our Security Solutions, for First Time Buyers

Already have a secured solution? Then you are most probably spending more than you need to! : We will price match your existing price + offer an additional 15% OFF

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