Former UK Police Station protected by occupation

The Weston Worle and Somerset Mercury daily news reports that an old police building which has been left abandoned and in a sad state is now a home to eight guardians.

The Weston Worle and Somerset Mercury daily news reports that an old police building on Weston’s Winterstoke Road which has been left abandoned and in a sad state is now a home to eight property guardians.

The road policing unit was once used as a base for police officers who focus on road and traffic crime – but when it closed in 2014, Avon and Somerset Constabulary needed to find a way to protect the site; the force hired Camelot.

Camelot has guardians in 45 buildings across the South West, including several others in North Somerset.

Regional manager Paul Lloyd said the company’s main aim is to keep the building safe and secure but, through its work, has also helped people in tough times or sleeping rough afford cheaper accommodation and get back on their feet. There are more than 30 people sleeping rough on the streets of Weston and schemes like this could be the saving grace for some of them. “People who are out on their luck, struggling to make ends meet or trying to get on the housing ladder need to save money, and this is a good way to do it.” Mr Lloyd said.

Eddie Kushnir, aged 24, moved into the police unit almost a year ago after finding out about Camelot online. He said: “I have just started my life; I do not have a lot of money so this is perfect for me.” Eddie and his seven housemates act as around-the-clock security for the building’s new owners, Kelway Building Supplies. The company has bought the building after it was granted planning permission from North Somerset Council to change the unit into a new warehouse for its supplies. A company spokesman said: “We agreed to purchase the unit on the premise that planning permission was granted. The plans have been agreed and are being put in place to make it commercially viable but we do not know when we will move in yet.”

Eddie said: “It is my home and I will be sad when we have to move on but that is the way it goes.”

Link to original source: Weston, Worle and Somerset Mercury