Save on rent as a property guardian

Camelot featured on Money Saving Expert

Save 60%+ on rent - become a property guardian

Fancy living in a church, school or fire station? In return for babysitting empty premises to deter squatters, property guardian companies charge their ‘guardians’ as little as a third of local rents.

It typically works out at £250 a month or £350 a month in London. This is a bargain, considering the average private monthly rent in England and Wales stands at £740 a month or £1,130 in London, according to property firm LSL.

Buildings include everything from monasteries to mansions, so you could end up living it up in a sprawling country pile for less than a flat.

What's the catch?

You need to be flexible - here are a few things to bear in mind.

Guardians have fewer rights than tenants. You may have to up sticks at one month notice. So this is good for those with flexibility, for example, people who can kip at their parents'. The firms usually try to find alternatives, but it's not guaranteed. Many guardians live in the same place for years though.

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