Property Guardians pay £50p/w in Notts

Property Guardians pay £50 a week to live in a former Carehome in the city centre. The Guardian solution helps protect and maintain property for owners grappling with vacant buildings whilst providing affordable accommodation.

Next time you pass what looks like a vacant building, pause and have a closer look; it may not be as empty as it first appears. That is because owners of vacant developments, offices, warehouses, convents, pubs and other buildings are increasingly turning to the Property Guardian solution to protect their property.

Camelot Property Management, the largest Property Guardian company in Europe, secure buildings by filling the empty space with students and professionals looking for affordable housing. Monthly costs start from £200 inclusive of all bills. This month Camelot are looking for Guardians to live in a former care home in Nottingham with prices starting from £50per week inclusive of bills.

Since opening the first office in the UK in 2002 Camelot has seen steady growth as the concept became recognized, with a 50% increase in Guardians signing up in the past 2 years.

Paul Cosnett, Regional Manager Midlands, explains: “There is a clear parallel between the interests of the Guardians and of the building owners. The Guardians make their homes here and put their belongings into the premises, so they will take immediate action when there is something wrong”.
Cosnett adds: “Not only do we see a reduction in dilapidation, vandalism and crime in the direct surrounding area but we are also utilising a property that would otherwise be vacant”.

With tens of thousands of commercial buildings unoccupied, more than 820,000 residential properties empty, and metal theft costing the UK £770 million per year, Tackling Vacant Property has never been more critical for organisations, for communities and for economic growth.

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