Guardians pay £228 per month to live in Hull

The Guardian solution helps protect and maintain property for owners grappling with vacant buildings whilst providing affordable accommodation.


The Guardian solution helps protect and maintain property for owners grappling with vacant buildings whilst providing affordable accommodation.


23rd December 2015

. Next time you pass what looks like a vacant building, pause and have a closer look; it may not be as empty as it first appears. That is because owners of vacant developments, offices, warehouses, convents,  pubs and other buildings are increasingly turning to the Property Guardian solution to protect their property.


Camelot Europe, the largest Property Guardian company in Europe, secure buildings by filling the empty space with people looking for affordable housing. This month Camelot are looking for Property Guardians to live in a two amazing properties in Hull with prices starting from £225 per month inclusive of bills. Many rooms are currently available, the property benefits from a large communal kitchen and several bathrooms which all have their own kitchen, bathroom, and sufficient storage space.

Sarah Calvert, Head of Sales says: “Being a property guardian can be a really good low-cost solution for keyworkers who need to live in the centre of our northern cities. The license fee, which include all bills, are typically a third of what people would pay in rent in the private rented sector in Yorkshire.”

Property guardian, Joseph Muzalewski, lives in an old building that was once a County Court. He says: “The big selling point for me was the value for money. My rent is so much cheaper I can actually save. I work in the legal profession in the city centre so the location is ideal. I like living here, it’s got character as one of the older buildings in the city centre.”

Property guardian, Stefan Pintea, is recent graduate who works for a major bank. He has just moved into three-storey building that he will eventually share with two other guardians. Stefan says: “I was amazed when I saw the building it’s really magical. I love the whole idea of living in this big space and being able to design and shape it how I want. I’d looked at lots of properties but most were really small and cramped. When I saw this I signed up there and then.”

Each guardian has their own secure room area, which may include a private toilet or bathroom, but will share kitchen, bathroom and communal areas with other guardians. They also have to be more flexible in that they could have to move out at four weeks’ notice if the property owner wants.

Camelot will accommodate those over the age of 18 who have proof of a regular income and no criminal record. Each property that Camelot protects is wind proof and water tight, with functioning  water and electricity. The monthly Camelot fee is on average 40% lower than market rental values with large spaces in unique properties available.

To find out more about these properties, Camelot or to apply to become a Property Guardian please visit or call the Manchester office on +44 (0)845 262 2002.

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