Could you cut £1,000s from the cost of your property portfolio?

Property investment demands significant ongoing expense, including maintenance, repairs and agents’ fees. When your properties stand empty, they attract yet more costs – but there is a way to avoid them…

For small-scale letting, it seems like a modest price for repairs, maintenance and other standard fees. Imagining you have a portfolio of 100 properties – that’s £50,600 a year to account for in your budget.

In fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The same survey found that other, miscellaneous costs were far higher, at £3,933 per property per annum, or £393,300 each year across your 100-property portfolio.

Among those other costs are the ‘hidden’ expenses associated with empty properties, a frequent issue for property owners. Our vacant property security solution can help you offset the costs of these void periods, potentially saving thousands each year.

Where do void property costs come from?

During untenanted periods, you will need to take extra steps to look after your property and maintain its value. These include…

1. Vacant property insurance
For insurers, empty buildings are considered a higher risk than occupied ones. That’s why most standard home insurance policies don’t cover properties empty for more than 30 days.
Specialist insurance is required for a void property, and it comes at an elevated cost.

2. Regular property inspections
To validate your insurance coverage, most insurers will require a regular inspection of the building. This can cost between £30-£75 per week, per property. Going back to the 100-property portfolio, this expense alone could add up to £75,000 in additional costs.

3. Raising purchase orders
The administrative costs for each inspection should also be factored in. Raising a PO for each inspection could add £20-£100… that’s up to £10,000 across your portfolio.

Camelot Guardians can help you avoid all these costs

By moving Live-in Guardians into your buildings during vacant periods, we can help you avoid thinking about void property costs. Trusted, vetted guardians will…

  • highlight problems as soon as they arise. By noticing issues immediately, guardians can help you avoid accumulating costs from burst pipes, damaged windows or missing tiles left unrepaired.
  • eliminate the need for specialist vacant property insurance.
  • eliminate the need to arrange regular property inspections. As part of our service, our Property Inspectors carry out monthly site inspections and alert you to any problems immediately.
  • reduce the risk of legal action from intruders. Anyone who gets hurt while intruding on a property has a legal right to sue the owner for personal injury. Guardians deter intruders and secure your property.

We have already helped many property owners save money by securing their property portfolio. Best of all, live-in guardians are cost neutral, and in some cases can even save you money.

“This solution is extremely beneficial for investors,” says Camelot Europe “Not only is it a cost neutral security method, it can save you thousands and in some instances make you money. It will add value to properties and in turn communities.”

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