Camelot Denmark Opens!

Affordable housing: Dutch Camelot Europe opens office in Denmark, and hires Torben Christensen as Business Development Director

Europe's largest provider of affordable, flexible housing will open its office in Denmark on July first 2018. To lead the work in Denmark, Camelot Europe has appointed Torben Christensen as Business Development Director. Torben brings his previous experience as CEO of Danish Property Federation and Director of Landsforeningen LEV.

CEO of Camelot Europe, Joost Van Gestel: "For 25 years, Camelot has been working to create safe, healthy and affordable rooms for students, young starters, foreign employees and others in need of flexible housing. We do this by exploiting the available premises and areas that are currently not in play at normal market conditions. Camelot sees a great potential for both affordable housing in Denmark and to provide owners with an alternative choice for their empty properties. We look forward to working with politicians, municipalities, owners and potential residents to solve a major societal problem. "

Camelot was established in the Netherlands in 1993 and currently runs 18 offices across 7 countries. Camelot property assets in 2017 are valued at over 200 million euros worth, and revenue in property management was over 50 million Euros, staffing about 200 employees. The background for the establishment was a significant housing shortage in the Netherlands in the early 1990s, which inspired temporary housing solutions. Since then, Camelot has managed and transformed over 10,000 projects into affordable temporary rooms and workspaces across Holland, Belgium, England, Germany, France, Ireland and Finland.

Torben Christensen, the appointed Business Development Director in Denmark: "For a number of years, I have followed the political debate about the need for more housing that can be paid by people with an ordinary income. I have seen how one attempt after another has failed. But in the Netherlands, one has thought completely differently and has found a model that creates thousands of affordable homes, simply by making more flexible use of the resources that are generally created. These thoughts appeal to me, and I look forward to bringing the good ideas to Denmark".

In the coming months, Torben Christensen will contact Danish property owners, to introduce how a transformation of vacant property into rooms can help reduce the vacancy risks and decrease vacant property expenses. In addition to generating an income by utilizing an empty building or plot for temporary housing.

For further comments, please contact:
BDD for Camelot Denmark, Torben Christensen, on telephone +45 31 90 40 09