Bristol-based Property Guardians

Camelot Europe has around 50 experienced property guardians ready and waiting to protect vacant office blocks, hotels or similar properties in Bristol, Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

The guardians’ services have become available following Bristol City Council’s decision to stop using guardian schemes. If you own vacant property, this is a unique opportunity to access a number of pre-vetted, experienced guardians in your area. 

How the guardian scheme works

Camelot Europe guardians have been providing property owners with protection against squatters, vandalism and theft in 6 different countries over several decades. Guardians are responsible people who occupy vacant properties such as hotels, residential care units, pubs, offices and homes.

The scheme offers property owners huge cost savings by removing the need for fencing, security guards or cameras. In return, guardians have space to sleep and store their things, often in a quirky or unusual building, for a temporary period and pay a fraction of what they would otherwise spend on renting.

Unlike tenants, guardians are licensed to occupy the premises for the purposes of protection when required, and can be asked to move on at short notice when the owner is ready to use the property.

“Building owners can save thousands”

Paul Lloyd, Regional Director for Camelot Europe said: “We always seek to find new places for reliable and trustworthy guardians when a property owner takes back properties. The decision by Bristol City Council means we have a larger than usual number of people looking in that area.

“Building owners can save thousands of pounds on security or fencing, while those needing accommodation get a place to stay. Many of the guardians are key workers, such as nurses or are young professionals looking for low-cost living solutions.”

Strict vetting

Bristol City Council has said it will be developing the vacant buildings into housing. Its decision also follows the actions of a small number of guardians who refused to leave a property claiming tenants’ rights.

“As a result of the problems last year we are being stricter in the vetting of potential guardians. The 50 we have in the Bristol area have proved themselves to be model guardians and they know the way that the scheme works and how it is an advantage to both the property owner and the guardian,” said Mr. Lloyd.

Find out more about property guardian services

If you are a property owner in the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire area interested in using a guardian service, you can find out more by contacting Camelot.

Email Paul Lloyd or speak to a member of the team on 0845 262 2002.