BBC: UK Care Homes 'at risk of closure'

BBC reported that the Department of Health said it recognised some care providers were "finding the current market challenging", resulting in Care Homes Closures.

Many families are concerned about their future well-being with the thousands of Care Homes being shut down within the last few years.

Research suggested that Small, Medium and Large Care homes are under pressure to comply with the recent quality standards and funding restructure guideline of the CQC.

This comes at a cost that not all care home providers are able to meet!  BBC reported that ‘About 5,000 homes are at risk of closure because they carry too much debt and do not make enough profit to cover loan repayments’.

John Strowbridge, managing director of Avery Health Care Group, which operates 47 care homes across England, said to the BBC the new living wage was costing it an additional £2m a year. He also said the fees provided to operators to care for local authority residents were often not enough to match care costs.

This leaves many care home providers with another concern. What to do with their vacant building?

Having a Vacant building can lead to many different risks. Vacant property damage is a very real concern! Squatters moving into a commercial property, vandalism, theft of copper lead and general damage to a vacant property can be an extremely costly reality! As well as having to continue to pay business rates on an unused asset. 

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