Why we value our Building Guardians

Camelot Building Guardians are live in guardians that live in our properties to make sure the property is protected against squatters, vandals and thieves. We offer Property Guardians cheap living spaces, starting from £40 ppw!

Building Guardians to protect Vacant Property

The vacant property is an easy target for vandals, squatters and thieves who present a very real threat to your investment as well as holding up any plans you may have for the property. In response, Camelot offers a pro-active building Guardian Security solution that vastly reduces these risks for a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods.

While property guardians are in residence, the property is secured; reducing risk and eliminating any delay in response to crime and maintenance issues on site. Property Guardians are not tenants, they are residing in your vacant property as the eyes and ears and therefore require just 4 weeks’ notice before your property can be handed back for sale or development.

When a building is derelict, the building starts to decay and lose value however with our building guardians- this is not the case. With having people coming and going out of the building, the building is seen as living and breathing with will deter vandals, squatters and other criminal activities. 

Does this mean no criminal activity occurs on these properties? 

A building guardian is placed in the property in order to safeguard the asset, however, Camelot has evicted some building guardians if they do not comply with the signed licence agreement rules which might lead toa risk for the building. 

Why we value our building guardians more than other solutions we offer?

-          The property is secured from squatting, theft and vandalism

-          Avoids costly delays to major projects

-          Proactive security allows reduces time spent on reacting to security incidents

-         Lower than average area rent 

-         Social Accommodation is a great place to meet new people 


We highly value our Camelot Property Guardians!


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