Why I chose to be an intern at Camelot?

Why did I choose for an internship abroad at Camelot Europe in London? We have then Pim, our latest interns thoughts on board. "The reason I choose for an internship abroad is because I wanted an adventure," says Pim from Netherland.

"The reason I choose for an internship abroad is because I wanted an adventure," says Pim , our latest Intern from the Netherlands.


He continues to say 'I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, and I wanted to experience how it is like to live and work in a new city abroad. Now I finally got the chance to do that and I took it with both hands. I like to travel, I like to meet new people and I like to explore places I haven’t been before. I also really enjoy the city of London, and I said to myself a couple years ago that I would like to live here when I’m older. I have only been in London for short periods of time and for that reason I wanted to stay here for a longer time and get to know areas and places I haven’t been before. Combining living in London and doing a fun internship where I could learn a lot was the perfect match for me to get me an unforgettable experience abroad'.

Pim is a very talented and educated individual who has taken interest in Camelot's internship program, which helps interns like Pim who want to join a family-like company that can provide him with the relevant experience of the working world. He is always teaching us about phrases used in Dutch, which becomes very entertaining. 

We asked him why he wanted to choose the Camelot London office instead of the other offices available. Camelot Europe originates in the Netherlands and is now operating in France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Belgium and Finland. Our internship program is available in all these countries, so we got curious. Why London? Why us?

"The reason I choose to do my internship at Camelot is that I wanted a fun internship at an office in London. I wanted a company where they actually invest time in me and where I could learn a lot about the company and what they do. I was also looking for a company that did something different than most companies, something I wasn't familiar with and that I haven’t heard or barely heard of before. I found out about Camelot through an agency and when I did research about the company, I found out that they are in the real estate business. But not in the way you would expect in London. The concept and the business model of Camelot seemed very interesting when I heard and read about it. I wanted to know and to learn more about what they do and how they do it. The concept of having a different way to secure vacant properties by letting guardians live in the living spaces for a small fee instead of hiring security guards and buying expensive security systems was something that I wasn't familiar with"

Pim, aged 19 has joined our team in the Sales and Marketing department. His line manager has taken the time to give us an insight into how he has been intenerating into the company.

'In the few weeks, he has been here, we have already seen that he meets productivity standards; completes work in a quick and timely manner; strives to increase productivity and always has a positive attitude. Pim has become a great addition to our Guardian Management team and he thoroughly enjoys speaking with potential Guardians on the phone. He is a bubbly, proactive and intelligent young man who strives to learn the most he can with Camelot'. 

At Camelot, we value learning and development! This is the reason why our staff are all highly qualified and trained to perform their job functions. For this reason, we, take on Interns from all over the world to help teach, train and develop the next generations in the low-cost living solutions available. We understand that some youngsters now have a fear of the future, but by the means of an internship, our interns learn integrity, independence, corporate training and so much more.  

If you would like to do your internship at Camelot, click here to see if we have any vacancies.