Where to buy cheap room decor

Being a vacant property guardian you know that it saves you a lot of money since you pay much less for a living space compared to other people in the area that rent privately. However, every space needs furniture and decoration for it to feel like home. In this blog post, we’ll let you know all about where you can find cheap room décor. This way you can make your living space flourish and at the same time save even more money!

Get inspired

The first step to giving your living space a little makeover with cheap room decor is knowing what you want or what kind of theme/vibe you would like to give it. So, it’s best to know what you want before buying anything, which might sound logic, but many people see things they like, buy it, and then start collecting decoration that eventually does not fit in with all the other decor. Also, if you already know what you want before going to any store, you are more likely to find the most affordable version of what you want; instead of just buying it at the store that you originally saw it at.

You don’t need to buy a magazine to find the right ideas (even though it might serve as a nice and affordable decorative piece); there are many websites that can give you all the inspiration you need!  You can go to Pinterest and find beautifully decorated rooms. Then there is the option of just going to the website of a magazine, where you can usually find a lot of articles and examples of different styles.  


Places to look

First, when searching for cheap room decor, the second-hand store is an obvious place to look. However, many people are not a big fan as it can be full of stuff you wouldn’t even want for free, and it does take effort to find a treasure. Nevertheless, if you need something simple, such as tableware, you can often find affordable yet nice things at the thrift store. Since the decor is cheap and therefore not a huge investment it is very popular to buy something that is not perfect yet, and to invest a bit of money in it to make it your own, for example, by giving it a lick of paint.


Second, of course, the famous IKEA cannot be left out when talking about cheap room decor. IKEA is a place where you can get inspiration from the rooms they set up and then buy the decoration that inspired you. As has been mentioned before, this can cause you to miss out on a better deal on a similar piece of furniture or decoration piece at another shop. However, IKEA has very reasonable prices and things that many people like, due to their simple yet functional designs. For example, if you're looking for an affordable bedside table you can already get one for 9 pounds!


Third, Amazon is known for having a huge collection of goods, including room decor. However, not only do they have a huge collection, but they also have many similar products for different prices. Therefore, you can always find the product you want for a reasonable price. Have a look at Amazon's storage and organization products to get your living space in order!


Fourth, AliExpress, just like Amazon, has a huge collection of goods. The exact same goods are offered by different suppliers on the website for very low prices! You can therefore definitely find some suitable cheap room decor on this website. The only downside is that shipping takes quite a while, but it’s most definitely worth it for the low price. So, have a look at the website and get yourself some interesting wall stickers for example!


Fifth, stores such as Poundland and Wilko also have a nice range of cheap room decor, and unlike Amazon and AliExpress, you can just buy it and take it home, no waiting for delivery required. At Poundland you can find a cheap photo frame to frame your favourite pictures and put a nice ornament next to it from Wilko.


Last but not least, if you like branded home decor that has an expensive look to it, but your wallet won’t allow it... Then TK Maxx is the store for you. They have a good range of branded products that are actually much more affordable compared to the original retail price. You can find all types of decorations here, from pillows to pans


As you can see there are many places where you can save money and find cheap room decor that you love, for your guardian accommodation. If you would like to know how to decorate your living space differently, have a look one of our previous posts. Comment below and let us know where you get your cheap room decor!