Tessa: My First month at Camelot Europe

Meet our creative Intern, Tessa was looking for an internship and a cheap living solution. She found Camelot and became a Guardian! Check out her interview answers on why she chose Camelot.

We have taken onboard another Intern for the Guardian management team and operation department. Tessa is a very creative individual with tons of positive energy, who is also one of our Guardians. Tessa understood and liked the Guardian concept that she decided to become one herself. We are streaming on how Tessa made a change to her living space to make it Home Sweet Home with simple tips and tricks. 

When we interviewed her, this is what she had said;

Why did I choose Camelot?

I always been interested in the housing market, and am very interested in contributing to the international service Camelot provide. Camelot is different than the real estate companies. What I like about Camelot is that they provide affordable living spaces for people. If you want to save some money, Camelot is a good option for you.

As an intern, Camelot provided me with a living space. I live in a very beautiful property in Chingford. I am very happy that they provide me with living spaces. It is really hard to find a place to live in London.

During this internship, I want to improve my English and have the best time of my life. This is my first internship abroad. My college is a Business Administration college and my study is called Legal Administrative Provider. I learn about law, administration, rules, processes and communication. I choose this course because, after 2 years of Pre-Police training, I wanted to learn more about the law and the backend processes. Besides, I am more interested in business than public services, so I needed to switch.

In my first month, I learn a lot about how to use the system. If being out on viewings with colleagues. I called a lot of people and send a lot of e-mails. I never had an office job, so I had no clue if it was going to suit me.

What Next?

Know anyone who wants to start an internship in an office environment?

If so we have the following departments that are still available- Finance, Sales, Operation, Marketing, please contact Sarah Hiemstra at s.hiemstra@cameloteurope.com for latest vacancies. 

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to renting a room like Tessa, please look through our latest living spaces and apply for the property to secure a viewing.