Meet our Property Guardian | Actor Kofi secures Camelot property in Bristol

We have a number of Guardians securing vacant properties across the UK. Kofi, an actor living in Bristol has been a Guardian for 4 years – find out more about his story...

So, you're interested in becoming a Property Guardian? Many professionals and key workers have chosen to be Property Guardians as a cheaper, more social and exciting alternative to private rental. But who are they? What do they do for a living? And how do they find the experience? 

Kofi is an actor living in Bristol securing one of our vacant properties. We asked the Guardian of 4 years a few questions about his experience. Find out more...

Who are you?

Kofi Jomoa

I live in a lovely house in a very delightful part of Bristol. It's round the corner from a beautiful park space and it’s situated close to a bustling shopping area.

How long have you been a Property Guardian?

I have been a Property Guardian for about four years now and I have been lucky enough to live some lovely living spaces. The last property I lived in was directly opposite a National Trust Protected Nature Reserve. It was gorgeous!

What is it like in your property... and your living space?

It’s basically a communal style living arrangement. It’s a very well-kept huge Victorian House set in a square with an exquisite park in the middle with lots and lots of trees and all sorts of  flora and fauna. There is a massive kitchen and four separate bathrooms, with a shower in each of them. Each individual room is of a good size and each has very high ceilings. There is a very cool garden space with a patio area for BBQ’s in the summer. Together we have customised a communal room so that we can have regular meals as a group. We have a washing machine and the house has Wi-Fi. There are bike racks at the back as everyone cycles in Bristol. It’s a fun and happy household and everyone living here genuinely gets along and makes living as a Property Guardian a happy experience.

Why is the Guardianship model suitable for you?

I have just completed a Degree in Performing Arts so I am just starting my career as a Professional Actor. Camelot has been very supportive in providing me with very clean and high spec properties to live in while I was studying. So, I am certain that this will continue as I make a living as a Working Actor.

What do you do day to day?

In between preparing for Auditions and Theatre-making, I cycle for Deliveroo. In fact, if you apply for a job as a rider right now online you will see an image and a statement from me as to why I love my job.

Any advice for potential Guardians?

You have to be the kind of person that makes a genuine effort to get on with people. It helps a great deal to try and be clean and tidy and to respect the house that you are living in. You may be living in an environment with people that are very different from you,  so it helps to have an easy going nature and always keep an open mind.

Anything else?

Understand that for a lot of people this model really works very well indeed. Cheap and clean properties that you can easily transform into an ideal living space.

Come on board!

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