Properties that Guardians live in?

Being a Guardian is a completely different way of life, alternative to renting a normal house or a flat. Camelot does have empty flats and houses which are used by Guardians but it is not the typical vacant property building.

What types of properties can a Guardian live in?

Our Guardians like to live the adventurous life in a different setting from the norm. We have rummaged through our database to show you the most common properties which we take over. These properties are highly in danger of squatters, vandalism, or other criminal activities. This is why our Guardians living in these properties are seen as ‘protection by occupation’ by allowing the building to seem busy and lively, it deters potentials thieves, squatters and criminal activities.

What kind of properties do our Guardians live in;

  • Mansion – We have a beautiful historic mansion, which makes you feel like a Lord of your own manor then this may well be the perfect place for you. With amazing views, natural environment and big living spaces. This has become a favourite for some of our Guardians.
  • Farm – Ashmore Farm in Evesham, has attracted many potential Guardians benefitting from shared facilities, on-site parking & a beautiful garden and a nice conservatory. It also has access to the river bank and is ideal for those who are searching for a little bit of peace and quiet. Against contrary belief, there are no more cattle’s and the house is nicely equipped in a modern way.
  • Care Home – We have about 13 care home with spaces. This is a good place for our guardians as Care Homes are originally designed to be a home for those in need. Sometimes the Care Home can seem like your stepping back into time with the old tapestries and Victorian interior but there is also a welcoming feeling as if entering your Grandma’s house. The Majority of our building are Care Homes as there is an influx of care home closures around the UK due to funding shortages.
  • Offices – Even though many would think it is weird to leave your office and come home to another office, these buildings are very popular. The Office building come in with comfortable toilet space, usually more than one and a built-in kitchen. They have nice and big rooms and with facilities designed for comfort. Talk about productivity and comfort in your living spaces.
  • Libraries – Are a common living space for people as their spacious and has all the facilities which were offered to the general public. Our libraries have been snatched up as quickly as we got them. We have found the perfect book-worm Guardians.
  • Café – A café is another very popular Guardian sight has the kitchen, workspace areas are already inbuilt, with a nice design and usually in a good location. We have no café left to licence out but if you see an empty café we are on it!
  • Residential Flat/Apartments – This is pretty much of a given. Living like a tenant but only with low cost and as a Guardian, with all the facilities and shared accommodation. Why would anyone say no? Need one? We have 30 building still left with some living spaces.
  • School – These types of vacant properties are in high demand! Due to the large spacious classrooms, long corridors, nice leafy surrounding, many Guardians are looking to move into Schools. Once you get out of school and higher up, everyone seems to want to re-live their primary and secondary school life again.
  • Activity Centre- These types of properties act like schools and community centres. They have large communal spaces and classroom space. The property has its own garden, double living spaces and on-site parking available. Each of our Living spaces is fitted with living equipments like showers, toilets and a shared kitchen.
  • Council Building- These are typical houses or buildings that were used by the council and have been vacant. We work with many different councils to protect their vacant buildings. The size of rooms vary in these types of buildings and usually, they would have a different kind of rooms ie. Former office, former waiting room etc.
  • Hospital- This is a popular type of properties over all the operating countries because there are many rooms, lots of space and have more than a few shared kitchen/toilets. If you're up for spending a healthy amount of your monthly income on yourself, then this low-cost option could be your alternative to renting.
  • Industrial Building- These types of building you might find odd to live in like abandoned warehouses or factories but Guardians use them for other purposes. We have had case studies of Guardians who have used such building for their Art Gallery exhibitions, manufacturing things, storage and so much more. It has a very large space and a shower unit and toilet can be fitted if required.
  • Police Station- These types of property have many different styles of rooms ie the communal area, shared kitchen, toilet facilities as well as the offices. Most of our properties don’t have the jail bars anymore but the noticeboard will remain. So if you’re up for a low cost larger living spaces, these police stations are ideal to protect your wallets.
  • Retail building- This is a store outlet that is abandoned and has the risk of being squatted. Especially with the current retail stores on the close, there are much building becoming vacant. We fit out showers and toilets in these premises to make it liveable. All our properties do not come with furniture’s but your living space can be modified to make it Home-Sweet-Home.
  • Castle- Ever wanted the royal life? Being a Guardian you can be a lord of your shared castle. As you can imagine living in a castle has a large room, built in shared communal areas, nice kitchen and generally are furnished. These come with large leafy garden areas and parking. The castles are usually filled very quickly so if you see one- don’t snooze or you lose! Each castle is different and has different building types.
  • Hotel- This is a given, fitted with all you need to live life on a budget excluding the hotel service, food service, cleaner etc. This becomes more like your communal flat arrangements. Rooms may vary and most are unfurnished, however, you might have a nice surprise that some can be partly furnished.
  • Pub- Many pubs are closing around the UK and therefore owners of the properties are turning to Live-in Guardians as caretakers. In the pub, there is usually a living arrangement above the pub which is a standard living space. The pub, however, can be used by selected rooms ie. The office, toilet and built shower. Pubs have nice large gardens to sit and enjoy your communal shared facilities. This is an ideal opportunity to save money if you wish.
  • Religious Building- We have different kinds of religious buildings where our Guardians occupy for example a church. Within such buildings, you will have a general large space, box rooms, double rooms, toilets and we will fit in showers. Low-cost solution in unique places only for the adventurous soul.
  • College- These building vary in size and condition. Our Guardians have many different types of classrooms, Hr rooms, floors etc that they will occupy. Some are big and some are small but you will guarantee to stay with more than one other Guardian. Want to re-live the college times? This is the best way to walk down memory lane.

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