Pim's First month at Camelot Europe

An insight into Month 1 of Pims internship at Camelot and How he experienced the first month of my internship at Camelot in London.

Pim has been an intern with Camelot for one month now. He has experience the works of the Marketing and Guardian management departments. We have asked him to write a brief summary on what he has learned and done so far.

He said ‘The first month of my internship was a good experience. I have learned a lot about the company, what they do and how they do it. The first two weeks I was in the marketing department. Here I learned everything about the advertisements and how they reach new guardians. Eventually, I had to make and place the advertisements myself. After spending about two weeks in the marketing department, I went to the operations office. Here they learned me everything that I had to know about responding to the applications, scheduling viewings, making and sending out contracts, getting in contact with existing guardians and a lot more. Lucky enough there was another intern in this office as well, so he could help me out and explain everything to me when it was necessary. During my time in the operations office, I have also been to viewing. Here I had to help out when they needed me and I had to make loads of pictures for future advertisements.

During this month Camelot has given me a good image of how the business operates and what they do. They always showed me all the departments in the office, what gave me a clear look at what everybody is doing within the office and how we all work together. For the next coming period, I’m still going to be in the operation office and I’m looking forward to a fun and learn full experience.

Pim’s Line Manager has said that ‘many of the Guardians are asking for Pim now, he has become famous amongst our Guardians’.

Stay tuned as we await Month 2 and 3 of Pim’s journey with Camelot.  

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