People helping people | Partnership with Nifties

Isn’t it odd, that while one in nine people in this world are suffering from chronic undernourishment, the UK threw away over £13 billion worth of eatable food last year? Here at Camelot we think that this needs to change. People need to start helping people. With this in mind we’ve partnered up with Nifties.


Hunger and poverty are often things that are linked to third world countries. However, these problems are closer than you might think. Last year, over 1 Million people were forced into using foodbanks, right here in the United Kingdom.

Here at Camelot we know that life is expensive and that it becomes harder to support yourself. The owners of Nifties, Nathaniel and his wife Bethanie also saw this problem and came up with a solution, a solution which we can now offer our Camelot community with even more cost savings.

About Nifties

Before they set up Nifties in June 2016, Nathaniel and Bethanie had experienced hard times themselves, having to rely on foodbanks. The Concept of Nifties is pretty simple: Make sure that everybody in the UK has access to affordable food and tackle the inexcusable amounts of food waste in the UK.

They do this by taking items that are damaged, short dated, past the sell by dates and pass these items to the community for pittance compared to the main supermarkets.

To clarify: A 'Best Before' date talks about the quality or taste of the food not if it is 'Safe' to eat or not. The food just loses flavour and quality nothing else. At Camelot we completely support this concept so we decided to create a partnership offering our Guardians further discount on Nifties.

Find out more about Nifties and their incredible story.

Corporate social responsibility

Camelot feel that we have a corporate social responsibility towards our communities and we believe this partnership is a great start. We want to continue adding value to our Guardians, supporting and helping people the way we are.

Join our community! Become a live-in Guardian and benefit from our exclusive Nifties discount and more.

How could you help

On average every household throws away £470 worth of eatable food. By shopping at Nifties you can help “fight” against this waste. You don’t have to agree with the supermarkets perfect looking fruit and vegetables policy. For this problem to be solved we all need to play a role and help each other out… because there is clearly more we need to do.

Take a look at Nifties online Shop! Become a Camelot Guardian and create a community that could make a difference.