A handy checklist for moving in as a Property Guardian

When you’re moving home there is a lot you need to take into consideration… especially if you’re moving into a shared property. Here at Camelot, we put together a handy checklist to help you on your journey to becoming a Property Guardian.

Every week we have many moving into our vacant properties across the UK as a Property Guardian. They choose the Guardianship model as a cheaper alternative to renting privately. With it, they get to experience communal living with like-minded people in unique properties.

Sometimes this move can be overwhelming – so we have put together a handy checklist for before and after moving into your new void property

Before you move in to secure your vacant property as a Property Guardian

  • Book a date. Once you’ve signed your contracts and paid your deposit, book in your moving date with Camelot.
  • Get your keys. Arrange to pick up your keys and lock by speaking to your Guardian Manager.
  • Sort and purge. Go through your stuff and decide what you want to keep or bin! Sort them in piles, ready to pack.
  • Get organised. You’ll need packing boxes – check out Freecycle for people giving these away.
  • Coordinate stuff. Label your boxes, so you know where everything is – especially anything fragile so it doesn't get damaged in the move (separating your valuables will help).
  • Keeping toasty. Consider purchasing an oil heater. Our properties are generally very large, so it’s worth investing in one to keep you toasty.
  • Keeping fueled. All Camelot properties have shared kitchen space, but not always white goods. Most Guardians buy their own microwave or an electric cooker... (unless you want a takeaway daily – whatever your preference!).
  • Protect those happy feet. Other Property Guardians have advised us slippers are a must have!
  • Notify peeps. Let the relevant parties know that you have a new address – banks, phones, redirecting post etc.

On the day of moving into your living space

  • Confirm plans. Make sure your transport is confirmed for the day – whatever this may be. Although we don't recommend moving on a bus!
  • All in one. Have a backpack full of all of your essentials. Keep together your PJs, toothbrush, a change of clothes etc close to hand.
  • Make friends. Get to know your fellow Guardians – they can give you tips on local haunts and advice on how to secure the property correctly. Why not organise a movie night?
  • Protect your goods. Take some photos of your living space before you start unpacking for reference – why not take an inventory of what is in your living space. 
  • Clearing up! It’s handy to give your living space a clean before you unpack.
  • Cosy up. Make the room your own, have some pictures or lighting to make it feel homely.

Settling in to your vacant property

  • Be open minded. Lots of different people from different walks of life become a Property Guardian… so let yourself be willing to meet your new and interesting community.
  • Keep in touch with Camelot – they’re friendly people and want to know how you’re getting along.
  • Notify us. Be sure to register any maintenance issues by speaking to our contact centre using our dedicated Property Guardian hotline +44(0) 203 176 3333. 
    We’re now open from 08:30-20:00 to help you protect properties by occupation!

Now it is time to enjoy the experience of protecting a Camelot vacant property as a Guardian!

If you are thinking about becoming a Property Guardian, you can take a look at our available spaces here.

Need to speak to someone about Camelot? Contact us:
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Email: UKEnquiries@cameloteurope.com