Earth Ale beer tasting

Our first guardian showcase evening was a success. We got the chance to taste the home brewed beer from Alex @Earth Ale, one of our talented guardians. New networks were created – Camelot and Alex went home satisfied... (and a little tipsy).

Guardian Showcase

On Friday May 5th our boardroom transformed for our first guardian showcase event. Together with Alex, the proud owner of Earth Ale, we organised this evening to give him the chance to introduce his beers to our Camelot community.

We welcomed our guests with a glass of prosecco, then headed to the boardroom (earthly decorated) to enjoy his beers. Alex explained to us, how he started brewing, what inspired him to create Earth Ale and what’s next!

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How Earth Ale began…

Alex started his career as a cook and he has been cooking for the last 9 years. Then 4 years ago in France, Alex stumbled upon brewing. He was fascinated by the different ingredients that he could add to his beers, creating his own unique flavours using extraordinary wild ingredients.

Tasting the brews 

With a selection of beers on offer, we got to taste the lemon Verbena pale ale and the sweet wheat Spicy Weiss. Alex explained that he liked to pair his beers with food, to enhance the flavour. So we paired the Verbena with strawberries and the Weiss with rice crackers.

Everyone had a wonderful time and the evening definitely resulted in few sore heads… plus some new potential stockists for Earth Ale.

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What’s next for Earth Ale?

Over the summer, Alex would like to open a taproom in Wandsworth. It will offer snacks and small plates to pair with his beers, as well as be the location for brewing. We’re looking to help Alex by finding a large space that can host 3 shipping containers in or around Clapham. If you have a suitable place, please email

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