The dos and don’ts for a Property Guardian

So you want to become a Property Guardian and secure a vacant Camelot property? Find out more about the dos and don’ts once you’re successful in your application...

Thousands of professionals and key workers have chosen to be Property Guardians as an exciting alternative to private rental. Occupying a vacant property is a fantastic cheaper accommodation solution, plus it’s easy enough to become a Property Guardian if you meet the criteria

How do you become a Property Guardian?

  1. Search our database of properties across the UK
  2. Find a suitable living space and apply online
  3. Our Recruitment team will contact you to arrange a viewing
  4. View your potential living space
  5. If it suits your needs, complete a licence agreement with Camelot
  6. Provide proof of identity and current address
  7. Provide employment references or a Guarantor
  8. Undergo a financial check
  9. Pay your deposit, sign the papers and secure your place as a Property Guardian
  10. Get your keys and move in!

Once you’re in… what are the dos and don’ts for Property Guardians?


make the place your home – your living space is for your use to secure your worldly items. If you want to decorate your space, just get permission from the Guardian Manager.

get to know your new community – meet for breakfast in the communal areas. Introduce yourself to your fellow Guardians. You never know, you might find love like some of our existing occupants!

be polite and courteous to all the people you see at the property.

be health and safety conscious – this means keeping fire exits clear, do not smoke or have any open fires. Check fire equipment and smoke detectors regularly. Lock and secure the property whenever it is empty.

log in to MyCastle to check your details, update any personal information and report maintenance issues.

use the EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER (provided once signing your agreement) for serious issues out of office hours. But please only use this when you have an emergency, not for something that can be resolved the following day.

move about freely between living spaces… as long as it’s empty (let’s not make things too cosy). Just ensure that you inform Camelot of your move and new location.

protect and maintain the property. Take care of the shared living space, the site and surrounding areas. If there are any maintenance issues such as leaks or broken windows report these to our team. If there are security issues, strangers on the grounds, or attempted break-ins we report these to Camelot via our 24/7 emergency line and the local police.

follow these guidelines and be open with our Guardian Managers about any concerns or issues at your property.


forget about our monthly inspections – one of our Guardians got a shock when first settling into his property. Whilst eating a Chinese and having a beer, our Property Inspector showed up, gave the Guardian a fright and the Chinese ending up on the ceiling which “took me feckin ages to clean”!

have parties that rival Ibiza closing season… out of respect for your neighbours and building owners. This means no parties.

use cooking devices in your living space. Just in the Camelot designated cooking areas. We allow a portable electric hob or oven (max current demand or 13 amps or less) or a microwave.

take drugs… they are strictly not permitted.

possess any weapons.

put yourself in danger. We do not expect guardians to act as a security guard or any security functions other than occupying the property! Stay safe…

Finally, enjoy the experience of protecting a Camelot vacant property as a Property Guardian!

Do you want to become a Camelot Guardian? Take a look at our available spaces… or email our Recruitment Team to find out more information.