Chera's first month at Camelot Europe

Why did I choose Camelot?

I chose to do a marketing internship at Camelot Europe, because I am interest in real estate and marketing is one of my favorite subjects in school. Marketing is all about engaging with people, which is what I like and what I’m good at. I’m currently in my third year of International Business and Management Studies and I’ve been an intern at Camelot Europe in the London office for one month now. On a daily basis I deal with everything that has to do with marketing.

During my internship at Camelot I’m hoping to learn a lot of new things, which I already did. I am very eager to learn and I really want to learn more about digital marketing, search engine optimisation and running campaigns. Besides that, I would love to improve my spoken and written English. This is also one of the reasons why I decided to do my internship in the United Kingdom.

I am currently in my third year, studying International Business and Management Studies at the Rotterdam University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The main subjects I follow are Economics, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Operations and Business Law. Marketing is one of my favorite subjects and that’s why I chose to do a marketing internship. During my internship I can put into practice what I’ve learned in school. Having some knowledge already about international business helps me with my internship, because I have some basic knowledge which helps me understand things better and look at some things in a different perspective.

The Camelot team in the London office is very kind, hardworking and helpful. I met a lot of amazing people and I already learned a lot from them. It is great meeting all these new amazing people and to get to work with them as well.

What I’ve learned so far during my marketing internship is how to advertise and reach new guardians. I also learned how to make reports, send out mass emails, schedule social media posts, prepare marketing materials for events, how to make brochures, professional presentations and flyers. I had to do a lot of research with regards to search engine optimisation, what the best time is to post on social media, find business forums, find places to advertise. Another thing I do, which I really like is sending Happy birthday emails to existing guardians on their birthday. Most of the times I get a reply, they say thank you and wish me a good day!

What next?

Do you know anyone who wants to start an internship in an office environment? We have the following program opportunities: Operations, Marketing & Sales, Make Space Pay, Administration, Guardian Managers and Quality.

Please send your CV and motivation letter to Sarah Hiemstra at: