Camelot Survey revealed!

Camelot Survey revealed! If you had Money, what would you spend it on? Camelot conducted a survey on random questions to improve our customer service to our Guardians

Camelot conducted a survey on random questions to improve our customer service to our Guardians. We have kept this survey anonymous in order to allow more flexibility in answering.  

Our instant response to this question would be daydreaming of all the things that we are desiring to do but have no funds for. You could even start to consider planning adventure days like bungee jumping which you wouldn't have thought of because of the extra cash in your wallet. 

We asked the following question;

What are the cool things you are spending your savings on?

  • Holiday Saving
  • Buying a House
  • Adventure Days out
  • Other Occasion ( Wedding etc)
  • Food
  • Going Out
  • Clothes/latest trend
  • Saving for Uni/professional course
  • Pay off debts
  • Start a charity/business
  • Helping children/family

We are inspired by the initiative of our Guardians and the wisdom in using their money to further their future. With the average licence fee being considerably less than the monthly living cost compared to tenants, who have more rights than Guardians but less living expenses. 

It is common for people to blow away their money within a couple of months time because of the psychological endorphins of a heavier wallet. In such instances usually, you will start to eat out more, go out with friends and pay for the round of beers on a Saturday afternoon during the England match. But is that really the wisest of choices? 

As our Camelot Guardians have revealed, although fully employed and only paying for a licence fee to occupy the building in a shared communal living space, there are many other reasons to save. This form of living in an adventure to those who seek it and a benefit to the future. 

We even have entrepreneurs who will become the next Mark Zuckerberg starting their business ventures as a Guardian, by saving the money on living expenses, they can fund their business. But there is a set criteria in which to become a Guardian and only carefully vetted Guardians can make it through Camelot. 

We have spaces across the whole of England for people who have the courage to become Guardians and save money. 

Looking for a place to stay or is it time to save up some money?

Are you willing to give up your one-man bachelor pad for a community shared living arrangement? 

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