Camelot Rules of the Guardian Manager

Every Camelot Property has an assigned Guardian Manager that deals with the Guardians living in that property and that makes sure that the Camelot rules are being followed. The Guardian Manager role is a demanding role where they are responsible for the recruiting, interviewing, placing and managing the guardians into a portfolio of properties.

Main goal of the Guardian Manager

The main goal of the Guardian Manager is to ensure that all properties within the portfolio of the Guardian Manager are filled with Guardians, thereby minimizing the number of vacant rooms and maximizing the revenue from the properties. The job requires liaison between Guardians and various Camelot departments to ensure smooth communications and effective management of any Guardian issues with regards to the Camelot rules.

Primary responsibilities of the Guardian Manager

The Guardian Managers do have some primary responsibilities, like ensuring that the properties in their allocated portfolio are filled with appropriately vetted guardians. They also have to recruit guardians for the properties by selling the guardian concept to potential occupants at viewings. They have to attend property sites to facilitate prospective guardians in viewing the property and explaining how Camelot’s property guardian solution works, including Camelot rules of guardianship.

Guardian managers have to complete guardian vetting and ensure relevant licence agreements are signed and uploaded. It is of great importance that they are proactive in the management of guardians and of course it is their duty to respond as quickly as possible to the guardian’s needs or concerns raised.

Guardian Managers at Camelot Europe

The Guardian Managers that work for Camelot Europe handle emergencies in line with agreed procedures and timeframes. The Guardian managers are customer focused and develop excellent relationships with guardians. They have to communicate relevant property issues and updates to guardians and ensure high level of customer service at all times. We want our Guardians to be happy and we want the communication between us to be good. Because we value our Guardians!

Do you want to become a Camelot Property Guardian and have your on Guardian Manager? Check out our latest properties and become a Guardian!