Brexit confusion could hit EU tenants in UK

Brexit is not a topic of discussion, instead it is news that brings anxiety. ‘The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) said the confusion over Brexit meant some landlords were likely to refuse EU citizens as future tenants.’  

Brexit confusion: the talk of the century. This has been the topic of the year and more so with the controversial arguments to ‘leave or to remain’. But for some, Brexit is not a topic of discussion, instead, it is news that brings anxiety.

‘The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) said the confusion over Brexit meant some landlords were likely to refuse EU citizens as future tenants.’  


How many people Eu Citizens live across the UK?

There are around 2,938,000 EU citizens (excluding UK citizens) lived in the UK in 2014. The figure represents 4.6% of the UK’s population. With the current housing crisis this may be a reason for more EU professionals to leave the UK.

On the other hand, this could mean the UK citizens living in the 27 EU states will be returning home, to be welcomed with the housing situation, joining the Brexit confusion, costly living expenses and a shaken government with no idea about the future.


 What does this mean for EU citizens?

This is can bring some uncertainty to EU citizens who might have a hard time to find a place to live. But where there can always be a solution even if it's unconventional from the norm it might elevate.  


A different approach…a different solution to the Brexit confusion!

The Camelot solution currently houses 60% of EU citizens as Guardians across our property portfolio in the UK. Our Guardians enjoy the temporary living solution with the perks of having a licence fee that is nearly 40% cheaper than the average area rent.

With Guardianship comes the responsibilities to become the Camelot ‘eyes and ears’ for the benefit of the property owners by up-keeping and maintaining the security of a dilapidated building.

This is the best time to secure your living space is coming closer and closer. As landlords could be refusing EU citizens due to their settlement status. Many landlords lack the clarity for the settlement scheme and therefore opt-in to stay clear from any potential issues. However, leaving their properties at risk of becoming vacant and incurring double council tax rates or the tiresome search for tenants.


Case Study: A German Guardian in the UK

We interviewed Anna, a new guardian from Germany, who has lived in the UK for the last 5 years and suffered from the 'Brexit confusion' symptoms. During the interview with this Guardian, it was clear that Brexit was an uneasy topic and one that created anxiety, uncertain and confusion. She explained how she felt EU citizens ‘become invalid and treated like we are less to nothing!’.

She went on further to explain ‘as a Guardian, I at least have the certainty that I can move from property to property without being made homeless. There is always an option to go somewhere else, a little far or further than I might like but it’s an option. With now landlords rejecting EU citizens, I suspect the homelessness might increase or the Guardianship would become more appealing to EU Citizens’.  



Becoming a Guardian is cost-effective and attracts a sense of social responsibility; however, we have set up rules and restrictions in order to protect the company values and our mission. There will be a strict vetting process where we must obtain evidence of the applicants right to stay in this country with a settlement status, PR or indefinite right to remain documentation.

We are strictly against:

  • Families with Children
    We understand a Guardian living space is no space for a child to grow up. Hence, we ask our Guardians to agree in the terms and conditions that this will not occur. 
    This may be a downside for the EU family citizens looking for cheaper places to abode, however social responsibility is something we take seriously.
  • They must provide evidence to declare they can stay in the UK.
  • Full-time employment or able to provide a guarantor
  • Age 18 or older
  • No criminal record

If you are an EU Citizen and suffer from 'Brexit Confusion', anxiety on where to stay, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a variety of accommodations suitable for anyone who is in need. 

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