Can I install a CCTV Tower with a Smart Alarm?

This is a recommended action to secure for outside with surveillance as well as prevent intruders by protecting the inside of a building..

Can the Mobile CCTV Tower be easily moved

Yes and No. Yes with a crane tool you can move the Mobile CCTV tower to your desired location however it is important to notify your Camelot contact as we have to remotely change the alert parameters for the site. It would also be a good idea to speak to a specialist about positioning Camera tower correctly for best security.

However, for an intruder, moving or deactivating the Mobile Camera tower is impossible due to its robust structure and early detection techniques

Who monitories the CCTV??

We have partnered with an EU Control center who monitor our CCTV 24/7. We have successfully placed an intruder alert process in the event of any alerts, by which the control center will communicate through the camera tower to the intruder while the security patrols are on their way.

How long does it take to set up a smart alarm system or a camera tower?

This is usually done within 30-60 mins depending on placements. Our security specialists will already have mapped out the area and intruder target area which can be done remotely.

Do I get to see my footage on my mobile device?

This can be arranged if must but we strictly recommend against this, as the risk of another individual having access to the live footage can pose a security risk.

Do i need electric to power the void alarm or Camera Tower?

Yes, in the long run, this is necessary as the camera tower and void alarm comes with a standard 72 battery live.  We recommend having power connected for the 4k Video quality and image capture. In an event of a power cut, the control centre will immediately notify the contact person or the security patrol to survey the area


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