Guardian FAQs:

Who can become a Property Guardian?

If you are over the age of 18, have no criminal record and proof of income and can provide an employer and character reference please apply today and we will invite you in for an initial interview or a property viewing.

How do I become a Property Guardian?

If you fulfil the vetting criteria please fill in the house Guardian application form for the property/ies of your choice. If your application has been successful one of our team will contact you for an initial meeting either at our office or on site

What are the costs involved?

When you choose to become a Property Guardian, you do not pay rent you pay a monthly license fee. These fees often include all utility bills and are on average 30-50% lower than local market rent. In the UK fees vary from £40-£100 a week depending on the size of the living space and its location.

In addition, we ask all house Guardians to pay a fully refundable deposit of £350 - £600 depending on the area. Guardians pay an admin fee before moving into a property. Due to each property being different, you will be informed of these fees when invited to a viewing. 

Will Camelot accept a guarantor for Guardian's license fee payments?

As long as the Guardian is either employed or self-employed and their license fee is paid on time each month there is no problem with having a guarantor making these payments on a Guardian's behalf.

What are my responsibilities as a property guardian?

Camelot expect house Guardians protect and maintain the property owners building by living there full time and taking care of the shared living space, the site and surrounding areas. If there are any maintenance issues such as leaks or broken windows we expect Guardians to report these to our team. If there are security issues, strangers on the grounds, or attempted break-ins we expect Guardians to contact Camelot via our 24/7 emergency line and the local police. We do not expect guardians to act as a security guard or any security functions other than occupying the property.

Can I share the living space with my partner?

Yes. If you would like to request to live in the same property as your friend, partner or spouse, Camelot recommends that you make this clear during the initial online application process.

Each Property Guardian (your friend, spouse or partner) will be required to pay an individual deposit and an admin fee. We treat every Guardian individually but in special circumstances, Camelot could give a potential discount! This arrangement is subject to approval from Camelot management. For further enquiries please email your Guardian manager or email

Are the living spaces unfurnished?

Yes all spaces come unfurnished

How long will I be able to live in the property?

We manage properties for varying lengths of time ranging from 13 weeks to 5 years. On average we manage property for 6 months and will always endeavour to offer alternative accommodation at the point of handback.

Can I decorate the property?

On most occasions, yes but each property is different and you will need written permission before starting work.

Will there be internet and phone access at the property?

Camelot does not provide internet or phone access at their properties. However, Guardians are more than welcome to ask for permission so that they can install this in the property at their own expense. If the Guardian has been given permission from Camelot to install internet and phone access then this is to be paid for by the Guardian. House Guardians are also responsible for any contract they enter into while living at the property.

What is the notice period?

Camelot Europe require house Guardians to provide 4 weeks’ written notice. We will provide a minimum of 4 weeks written notice to Guardians If the property is being handed back to the owner .

How long will it take before I get my deposit back?

On the terms and condition of a guardian agreement, the remaining deposit will be paid within a 3 months’ timeframe. The amount of the deposit returned will be determined on any deductions made due to the likes of damages or losses occurred through the breach of contract. This also includes cleaning, waste removal costs etc.

Who can Evict me?

Camelot will hand the notice to the house Guardians once the property owner has noticed Camelot. Although we try everything we can to keep the buildings, we have a legal responsibility to act on the decision of the property owner. We do however offer an alternative living solution in our other properties.

What Bills are included?

This is dependent on each property and will be specified by your Guardian Manager, but usually bills would account to Water, Council Tax and Gas/Electric.

Is the property in living condition?

The House Guardian concept is founded on securing a vacant property through occupation. Before Guardians come into the property, our team of specialists ‘fit out ‘the building in order to adhere to the house guardian standard. As a part of the PGPA we are recognised to keeping the security, safety standards.

Can children also live as a House Guardian?

No, we are strictly against having children in the property as this is not a safe environment for a child or pet-friendly.

No one is answering the phone?

Being the founder of the Guardian concept and our team works tirelessly to take every call on board. If you wish to chat through our social media channel for fast response or email your Guardian Manager as well as if you have access to your web portal: My Castle.