It is advisable to have a monitor an alarm system at a sight that could be prone to vandalism, theft, arson or other criminal activities and risks of the vacant property. We have outlined our 3 major steps for making our Mobile CCTV Tower and Smart Alarm System very effective, compared to other systems. 

We aim to deliver a 24/7 solution with a backend process, to ensure safety is covered at all times day or night. Once an alert is being detected, our 24/7 EU Control Center will be notified of the Alert immediately during the detection process. 

The EU Control Center will then investigate the matter further by checking the live video feed of our Mobile CCTV tower and contacting the designated Security patrols.

Step 1: The EU control center will speak an audio message via the loudspeaker on the Camera tower. 
Using the loudspeaker on the CCTV tower pole, the centre staff in the alarm room can talk directly to the intruder via an audio connection. It is very effective if the centre staff is able to mention the secondary characteristics of the intruder:

“Hey, you there, with the green trousers and blue sweater, the police are on their way.”

Step 2: An alert to the security organization for mobile follow-up: The designated Security Patrol
When using a camera tower, the best method is a good follow-up through security personnel. If an alarm goes off, a signal is sent to a control centre. A mobile surveillance team then goes out to assess the situation. The mobile surveillance staff receive instructions to know how to proceed. Private surveillance services can generally be on site within 30 minutes if desired also with a dog.

Step 3: Images sent directly to the police control room ( only in the Netherlands) 
The control room that receives the alert usually has real live access to the images. This is called a ‘Live View’ function. If it is really a burglary or a theft, the staff in the control room will forward the images directly to the contact person/surveillance team to call the police on 911. The police can then quickly intervene.

But in the UK we can hold the footage to be shown to the police, which will help identify the intruder.

Our vacant property services provide clients with peace of mind that their building is secure and maintaining value

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