Dangers of a portable CCTV Tower

Author : g.lyshetti  -   Date : 29 Apr 2019   -   Catagories : Mobile Surveillance

Portable CCTV Tower: There are many different styles of CCTV towers that are being developed – most of which compromise some of the high-tech features needed for the ultimate security solution.

Portable CCTV Towers

The market is constantly launching new products with a lower value that might look attractive at first but doesn’t fit the purpose of the inventions. We have come across one small portable CCTV Tower which claims to be high tech, cheap and movable?

What does it mean to have a portable CCTV tower?

A portable CCTV Tower means that a camera tower that can be easily moveable although around the vacant or occupied site. They are typically smaller in size and can be moved around the premises by the owner or the construction workers.

Pros: Site Managers can move the CCTV to tower, this is a positive for the owner/renter of the towers, it can also mean that an intruder can simply move the portable CCTV tower from one location to another.

Cons: Intruders can easily move the CCTV tower. 
Smaller fixtures mean there is more in quantity needed to cover a larger area -> this could also mean the costing of the overall security is a lot more expensive than a high tech security camera.

Portable CCTV Towers

Why is it not the most secure idea to have a CCTV tower?

There might be other functions which have been compromised like image/ video quality, real-time reporting, battery life etc.

Image/Video Quality is important to maintain due to capturing the images of the site or the intruder in order to identify them much better. With a portable CCTV Tower that captures blurry images or quality that is decreasing, would go against the primary purpose of CCTV Towers.

Portable CCTV Towers

Best of both worlds

Many of the negative aspects of the portable CCTV Tower have been mentioned, which might make it much less attractive to acquire such a security system. However, knowing all the issues that a CCTV Tower tends to have, we can offer a Portable CCTV Tower that does not have the above-mentioned cons.

This means that you can be provided with a very robust but Mobile CCTV Tower; The tower cannot be moved by intruders, instead, it can only be moved by a machine, such as a crane. Moreover, the towers are capable of capturing high-quality images over a large area, even with fast-moving objects.

The cameras contain 4G mobile phone technology this allows the transmission of video alarms. It also includes “infrared 360 degree pan tilt and 36x zoom camera to allow a remote operator to capture images of any potential intruder and audio speakers to enable a remote challenge to occur.”


In conclusion

While most of the portable CCTV security towers are not practical and secure at all, we can offer robust Portable CCTV towers that do not have issues such as bad video quality, easily moved by intruders, high costs due to the large quantity needed, and more.

Know more about our portable CCTV Towers.

Furthermore, if you are not still sure about using portable CCTV towers in general, and you’re looking for a different security solution, please have a look and discover all the alternative electronic security solutions that we have to offer!


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