Construction site Theft : £800 Million loss

Author : g.lyshetti  -   Date : 21 Mar 2019   -   Catagories : Mobile Surveillance

Construction site theft is not very uncommon. £800,000,000 is spent every year on recovering equipment due to 'metal theft and vandalism' but how do you avoid this?

Flexible Baustellen Überwachung


Being on a schedule, with time pressure and then you receive a phone call that the work has stopped due to missing equipment?? A phone call you hardly want to pick up in the morning. But the reality is, that this happens so often - project managers lose sleep on this. Are you one of those? Camelot has put together some simple tips on how to secure your construction site below.


Flexible Baustellen Überwachung

We would like to give you some tips:

1- Make sure there are no keys or other valuables left in visible sight.

2- Set up a Security plan to execute in the event of an alert or how the site will be monitored out of hours

3- Make sure that the construction site is neatly cleared.

4- Check for any signs of potential vandals or youngsters and research on the crime stats on the area. Then get in contact with the police station to give them a heads-up if they receive any call outs.

5- Keep the constructions site well lit to illuminate areas.

6- Check all the entry points are locked.

Have a High Tech Security Installation or Watchtower for your peace of mind...

• A CCTV tower is a 24/7 monitored device that is carefully planned out to signal any alerts or unusual activities. The Mobile CCTV Tower has the function to record in the dark with our DarkFighter technology, loudspeaker and an EU control centre. 
• Place a Temporary Smart alarm system. A high-speed wireless alarm system with notification to an alarm centre and monitoring service. The motion detectors detects intruders by safeguarding entry points from break-ins. This can be switched on after hours. 
• Not as highly recommended but Manned Security Guards can patrol the area around the construction site on a timely basis according to your preference. 

With our 25 years of international experience and partnership with our EU control centre, we have helped many construction sites and properties or buildings safeguard their tools, schedules and reputation. 
Know of a construction site that could use a High Tech Security solution at nearly half of the UK's average competitor rates? Don't hesitate, contact us today! Or receive a call back!



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Josaiah A - 19 Mar 2019

Do we not have insurance for this kind of theft? Im sure whilst in the project planning this would be added in the budget?