Construction site security: offender profiles

Author : g.lyshetti  -   Date : 30 Jan 2019   -   Catagories : Alternative to renting

Offender Profiles are made not to stereotype the criminal activities of a certain group, gender or age but this profiling is based on experience gained through client experiences.

Theft of materials and vandalism on building sites is increasing at a rapid speed. More and more owners of building sites are looking for construction site security options. If you know what types of perpetrators there are, and what their specific way of working is, you can better protect yourself against them.

Being an international security company, we have heard many client’s stories about the misfortunate theft in their construction sites. Mainly owners have informed us of an instance where their security cameras were covered, and a group of thieves stole heavy expensive equipment. 
But a group of thieves is not the only offenders interested in a vacant construction site. Here are 3 other profiles we have put together for you.

Offender Type 1- The occasional thief

The first type of offender is the occasional thief. In many cases, a person who accidentally runs along an unsecured building site and sees a roll of copper in the fencing, sees a new installation left unattended or sees a forgotten tool. This offender type climbs directly over the fence to strike. In some cases, they first inform a friendly accomplice to semi-structure the loot that night.
This type of offender is mainly found in the city where it is possible to take the construction site quickly. Come. The result is often a delayed construction planning and disappeared, but replaceable tools and materials.



Offender Type 2- The Bored Youngsters

The second type is the unoccupied youngsters. This type of offender does not have any pre-planned intentions but often ends up in a playful way on the construction site. It starts with some hanging around in semi-finished houses or just looking around what to do. This becomes a dare game or activity of adrenaline for some individuals or groups. These visitors are mainly found in the city where the construction site is located along the main road. It can be very frustrating when work is done is destroyed and planning gets frustrated.


Offender Types 3 & 4- Employees

Lastly the least anticipated building site co-workers. Usually, these wrongdoings are difficult to control. It is possible to use camera protection, but Employees must then sign a clause stating that they are aware that they are being filmed.
However, what also occurs is that the employees do not directly steal themselves but provide information about the materials to others, who come back at an unattended moment to bring the loot.

Construction site Security
Protect a building site from vandals and thieves can be the best option with the void alarm; Camera surveillance in combination with Sensors. Before a thief is given the opportunity to cover a camera, he has long been detected as our mobile CCTV towers reach more than 6 meters in height. The emergency room gets a call and sends someone directly to the crime scene. Also, a good option is to use construction site security. By placing a Camelot Watchtower which has the camera at 6m high, it becomes difficult to cover and with a 24/7 control Centre monitoring for signs of alerts- protection just became easier! But we have so much more functions. Just ask and we will be happy to explain in more details.

With our 25 years of international experience and partnership with our EU control centre, we have helped many construction sites and other buildings safeguard their tools, schedules and reputation. Our Deployable CCTV tower is completely different from the other static CCTV or outdoor security cameras. 
Know of a construction site that could use a High-Tech Security solution at nearly half of the UK's average competitor rates? Don't hesitate but contact us today!


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