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Did You Know that Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in the UK? Smart Technology can work towards improving the security of any construction site

Cheap Construction Site Security
CCTV Tower


Let's talk numbers!

Alarming and Disturbing!

The latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive show that the fatal injury rate remains high at approximately four times the all-industry rate – 1.64 fatal injuries per 100,000 workers. 

In 2017-2018, there were 38 fatal injuries to workers and six to members of the public. Some 47 per cent of deaths over the last five years were down to falls from height, while 12 per cent were due to being trapped by something collapsing or by being struck by an object.


Watch Out!

Construction Site Security in the UK is the need of the hour!

With the alarming high-risk figures in the construction industry, there is an urgent need to be more watchful and vigilant. Lives are precious. How about having a continuous watchful eye on the site with our Camelot Electronic Security solutions. Deaths due to falls or being struck down by the object or fire may be reduced if they are spotted immediately.

There can be an injury related to flood, fire or any unforeseen accidents. Compared to other industries, about 2.6 percent of construction workers suffered from an injury which is around 50 per cent above the all-industries rate – and which is statistically significantly higher. The higher the rate of accidents, the more your insurance premium may hit the roof! Not to mention the claims that could occur for injury to intruders on your constructions site, although it sounds unfair- it’s the truth!

Did you know? If a trespasser is injured in your site and claims damages- you are liable for the lack of safety precautions, unless there is evidence to prove the cause of damage is self-inflicted or staged! What better way to do this than a video surveillance recording or direct voice communication warnings through the watchtower.

Void Alarm Systems can instantly detects intruders, flooding and fire. Moreover, its cost effective, completely wireless and remotely monitored alarm system.

Electronic Security

Safe and Secure!

24/7 peace of mind!

Vacant properties face a potential threat to their security. It is vulnerable to unlawful occupancy, thefts, vandalism and hosts of potential disasters like fire. Time is the essence in the construction business and to complete the construction efficiently and in time, security and safety measures have to be in place. 

The solution can be found in a Mobile CCTV Tower - an all-in-one surveillance solution specifically designed to meet the challenges of securing remote or vulnerable sites. The system is smartphone-enabled allowing for remote viewing by iPhone and Android. You are also able to view your site by Laptop, from anywhere in the world.

Construction Site Security was never so simple!

Collage: Baustellenüberwachung mit dem Camelot WatchTower

Guard your Pockets!

 An added advantage!

Did you know that insurance premiums for long-term vacant properties can often be high unless the owners can show they have taken sensible safety precautions? Moreover, electronic security solutions can be managed remotely and are cost-effective in the long term, as against the security guards.

Also great incentives and discount offers can add to the savings while not compromising on the security and safety of the construction site.

All you need is a team who you can trust and who can help you choose the right security solution for your construction site.  

Want to know more? Receive a Call-back from our Specialist or Contact us. We offer complete security and cost-effective solutions for your construction site. 



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Tom P. - 19 Feb 2019

Wow, Interesting facts!

g.lyshetti - 19 Feb 2019

Thank you Tom , please continue to follow you blogs for more information!

Shalini Vikrant - 19 Feb 2019

Amazing info, thank you for the partnership, was a real pleasure to know more about the business and write blog posts.

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