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Author : g.lyshetti  -   Date : 23 Apr 2019   -   Catagories : Property Guardians

Business Rate Mitigation can be a substantial amount of tax saved paid by business owners for occupying any space or commercial office, for the purpose of trade or commercial use.

Business Rate


What is Business Rate Mitigation?

Business rates can be a substantial amount of tax paid by business owners for occupying any space or commercial office, for the purpose of trade or commercial use.

These properties can vary from offices, pubs, shops and warehouses. These rates can also apply for buildings used as a part of domestic purposes. The popular question asked is always ‘is there any business rate relief?’

  • For small businesses there is a small business rate relief if your property has a tax rate value of less than 15.000 pounds and your business only occupies one property.
  • For businesses at home, if you occupy a small part of your business at home like a room, you will also not be required to pay business rates, due to already paying business rates on the property. In some cases you will pay council tax and business rates for example:
    • Flats above a shop – having a property split between domestic and business property
    • Selling goods or services to people visiting your property
    • Employment at your property

Business rates are a substantial burden on a business impacting their profitability and payouts in 6-digit figures. Vacant properties are not exempt from paying business rates for any period above the initial three months after becoming empty.

Business Rate Mitigation Scheme

Camelot helps the ratepayer mitigate tax rates with the Property Guardian Model.

Guardians help the ratepayer in securing the vacant premises by occupying the property and reporting any risks associated with an empty property. Guardians become the ‘eyes and ears’ of Camelot in reporting incidents such as leaks, deterring vandals, squatters and possible damage to the property. By housing Guardians in a property, Camelot enables the ratepayer to become exempt of the ££££s spent on business rates, instead converting the use of the property into a council tax rate.

For Example, a nursing home owner who has an empty building could be paying around £28,000 for business rate, however with the Camelot Guardian solution this rate can be reduced to only £2-£3k each year. This will provide the property owner a temporary money saving and socially responsible solution whilst finding an interested buyer or another purpose for the building.

This method is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your property, retain your assets, reduce costs in business rates and traditional manned guards as well as supply time to find the right candidate to purchase the building.

The property Guardian model was sought out to be a temp measure for a cheaper effective security solution in comparison with traditional methods of security. Camelot only find the best guardians to be ambassadors for Camelot and to help provide an image of a ‘living and breathing’ property.

Business Rate Mitigation Stats

It’s a Win-Win for any property owner!

This is one of the many reasons, why many of our property owners have chosen Camelot to partner with for the last 25 years. We have many wise business owners who have taken this opportunity across the country.

Want to find out more on how we can help? Contact us now, for your consultation.

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