Camelot Leadership

Camelot Europe Board

Strong, transparent and accountable leadership ensures the health of Camelot Europe and development opportunities for our people. All of the directors at Camelot maintain significant client involvement and are renowned for their hands-on approach to customer service, employee engagement and delivery.

The Camelot Board of Directors forms the strategic direction and leadership for Camelot Europe.

Camelot Europe Board

  • Joost J.A. van Gestel | CEO
  • Mike Goldsmith | COO
  • Remco van Olst | COO
  • Peter Habraken | CFO

United Kingdom leadership

For the United Kingdom, Camelot Europe has two Regional Directors. Edward Fenner and Paul Lloyd. Edward is responsible for London and the South East. Paul is responsible for the sales of the United Kingdom Regions. 

  • Edward Fenner | Regional Director London and South East
  • Paul Lloyd | Regional Director of Regions

Please refer to the contact page for international addresses and contact details of the offices across Europe.

Our mission

To offer complete support during the whole period of vacancy with the support of excellent products, services and staff.

Our vision

To be the number 1 vacant property specialist in Europe.

​Minimizing risks and optimizing revenue

Every day we strive to be the most remarkable and innovative specialist regarding managing and developing your vacancy portfolio. Our goal with managing is to minimalise your risks and optimize your revenue. Our knowlegde and experience helps you to temporarily or permanently transform your property to living and/or working spaces.

The 3 P’s

The work activities of Camelot Europe can not have a great influence on the environment. Where it is possible Camelot Europe takes measuresment to stop spillage, energy use and environment contamination. We think that property management should be environmental friendly. Using the 3 P's we want to maintain our quality standards.

We make sure our employees and Guardians are aware of their acts. How do we save energy, how can we re use materials, in what way can we operate the most cleverly? We do this by sharing knowledge and listen to everybody. Good proposals are rewarded.

We want to leave our beautiful planet a little bit prettier than how we first saw it. We do this by bringing life back to vacant properties. Vandalism and derelict are being replaced by maintenance and good care.

Being environmentally aware will deliver profit. When you produce this kind of profit it will bring revenue to all parties involved. 

Our vacant property services provide clients with peace of mind that their building is secure and maintaining value

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